Have you prepared enough money?

If you want to stand trial in Korea, you must provide enough deposit to the court.

Ask your lawyer. The lawyers at the law firm we appointed are never cheap. Also, sufficient deposit is necessary in case you lose the trial.

I don’t know if it’s Japanese or you, but don’t worry about my lawyer’s fees, and worry about deposit money for trial.

Have a hard time.

Don’t worry….

If you want to sue, make a decision… I’ll decide whether to open it or not after the results come out.

We’ve already paid for our lawyers. Thanks for your concern.

And poor thing, don’t write like you’re Japanese. Japanese don’t write like this.

You’re going to get angry because we’re going to reveal the open source.

To be honest, isn’t software more important than hardware?

Your lawyer said you wanted a smooth solution, but I think your lawyer is lying.

When we switch to open source, hardware of various designs will be introduced.

You don’t think I’ll make any money from this, do you? Yeah, but think of the first conversation we had. I said that I want to supply Korea cheaply. It is not a project that started with the idea of making money.

  1. Copyright
  2. Similarity in appearance

We appreciate it if you file a lawsuit with number one, and we have considerable evidence to refute your claim even if you file a lawsuit with number two. Even if we lose the trial, our product is a prototype, so we can change the design at any time.