Thanks a lot

Thank you to the Korean-American Pharmacists Community and the Indian-American Pharmacists Community.

I believe the various references you have reported will be a strong defense against the attacks we are receiving.

If the company that attacks us formally sues us, we will notify your community.

The law firm we’ve appointed has already completed a sufficient review of the data and secured enough evidence to refute their claims.

In particular, it is not normal to attack prototypes that are not mass-produced.

Their lawyer insisted that they wanted a smooth solution. The problem is that despite having a direct conversation channel, they appointed a lawyer to attack. They asked me for a smooth solution because they thought they would be at a disadvantage now.

First of all, it’s not a copyright violation.
Second, the shape and composition of the vision detector is much the same. The only thing they claim to resemble is a collection box. However, this collection box is already applied to other products first. Therefore, it is contradictory to claim that they have copied their products entirely. Thankfully, the various evidence you provide us with has pleased our lawyers.

We can try with them, so I won’t write down the details.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the American pharmacists who supported me, even though I didn’t even think about it.

Thank you.

2 Replies to “Thanks a lot”

  1. What a pity. You could have spent all these wons on continuing your little project, or maybe even ripping off another American product, or perhaps marketing and sales, instead you will have to spend it on courts and legal fees.

    You are a very smart businessman.. Please continue to post. The community enjoys your blog and the self-destructive behavior very much. Yes, please open source, wait…….. you said it was open source? “Who blames us?” We can’t wait for that explanation. “A lie cannot defeat the truth.” LOL.

    1. I don’t know what you’re trying to say, do you? Are you a friend who wrote Korean that you couldn’t understand last time?

      What claim is made by a person who can’t even properly identify himself?

      Shame on you.

      p.s I’ve already paid for the appointment of a lawyer. Thank you for worrying about my money.

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