A lie cannot defeat the truth.

The first description in the document you wrote is false.
The order of events doesn’t match.
This part doesn’t mean much because it’s not an issue to be contested.

But if you check all the emails we exchanged with you, you can quickly confirm that your claim is false.

If you make a false claim from the beginning, who will believe you if you ask Koreans to believe you?

Did I make a purchase to copy your products without even using them? I tried it on and thought it was okay, so I called you. Isn’t it?

I asked you for information to steal the technology? Your product broke down twice, so all I asked for is repair.

I sincerely answered your request. explained the situation in Korea and said that the price should be low. It also provided and explained sufficient information on Korean computer systems and bar codes used. Even because you were not interested, I tried to win your favor by purchasing 100 units or even mentioning software licenses.

Did you answer?

It started developing Korean-style products by looking at the frequent breakdown of products and the software that does not fit the Korean situation.

Your lawyer asks us if we can send you the code we made. Isn’t this too insensitive?

Let’s submit your product’s program code and our code and get judged by the Korean court.

You can be responsible for the consequences, right?

And I want you to reveal the person who reported us to you as a lie.
Of course, it will be revealed during the trial process.