we are different

The patent claims are different from each other. But at least I won’t allow your products to be pirated indiscriminately in Korea.

In time you will understand me. Now I only know that you are very angry. I also want to understand that you broke the counter I bought.

Rather, the person who reported us maliciously to you was one of those who tried to steal your product without permission.

The product you are angry at is not our main goal. Our goal is to supply products that can be used conveniently at a low price. Thanks to your threat to me, I received a donation of a more sophisticated and faster counting engine from the Korean IT giant.

There will be a product that is completely different from what you expected.
That’s why I’m so proud of you.

anyway, Can you count it? Yes, We can!!! not only software but also we use special skill and tool kit for this !!!

If we recognize each other, you and I can share our skills and ideas and become solid as strong allies.We can stop unnecessary and wasteful hostility if we are active in our respective regions.

Honestly, I thought you guys had a very great patent, but it wasn’t as good as I thought. Be easy. We will only launch products for South Korea, developing countries and less affluent Asia. So it has to be supplied at a very low price. We’re not going into what you think is business.

Also, as you may have experienced, we have avoided your patent as well.

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