Good Bye VIVID

The function of the pill counter used in the pharmacy has been stopped. As it is limited to the U.S., we cannot demand any rights in Korea, so we will accept it. However, it is important to note that if you enter the Korean market, there may be a legal dispute over the deletion of the no-notice software this time.

It is tyranny by their misunderstanding without a clear statement of position on copyright and patent rights.

I have carefully examined the patent attorney and the data on your product and the products we are developing. Under domestic and international laws, you have been told that it is not right to claim that we copied your product as it is.

Especially in the copyright section, you won’t find a single line of the same code. We don’t know what development tools you use, but we used Open CV.

I asked you for information about your patent rights in blogs and letters. You guys didn’t answer. Also, as a result of the search, we can’t find any patents you’ve acquired. Obviously I mention it. If we violate your patent, we will either exclude the patent part or pay the reasonable cost after the review. Please proceed with your patent registration in Korea before our product is completed. but we are almost done.

We are about to throw your product into the trash can, and a Korean healthcare giant has contacted us that they wants to collect it. As you have given up this product by removing your software, no rights remain.

I’ll decide what decision to make after I think about it.

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