Who blames us?

We developed the Korean pill counter algorithm by ourselves. After a thorough review of various literature studies and patent records in the United States and Korea, it was confirmed that there were no legal problems. Based on inspiration from various products in the United States, we have not adopted designs that look too similar to those of certain companies.
We are still enjoying the your products. And I admire what they’ve done.

Only representative materials are listed among the various materials we refer to for development.

If I had tried to copy your product openly, I wouldn’t have made the development process transparent.

You’ll know for yourself. There can be no patent for vision checks or counting.

If the counting technology using Open CV violates your copyright, we will make reasonable reparations. On the other hand, if it turns out that our technology has nothing to do with you, you’ll have to take due responsibility for it yourself.

when you simply insist on your rights over cosmetic similarities, how would you describe the following products?

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