Lily 그 두번째 이야기(sports drone)

예약 구매자들의 우려를 종식시키려 릴리팀에서 제품 구동 영상을 공개하였다. 이제 슬슬 생산하나보는구나… 그러나 절망적 영상을 다시 접하게 된다. 보이는가? 이 엄청난 문제점이… 이게 드런이야? 젠장… 이거 이렇게 흔들리면 어디에다 쓰지? 망한건가? 자기들도 이 사태의 심각성에 대해서 알고는 있을텐데…

As you can see in this footage, there are three image quality issues : fisheye distortion, wobble, and stabilization. The team is on it, addressing each issue as follows:

  • The current dampening and wiring cause internal vibrations, resulting in wobble. We are adjusting the durometer of the vibration dampening system and re-assembling the wires to ensure this wobble is removed.
  • The unbalanced fisheye distortion is caused by a mistuning of the external polycarbonate lens. We have already re-tuned the external lens and this issue will not appear on the production version.
  • Our electronic stabilization software (EIS) was not used in this video. We will be porting this piece to the unit in the coming days and expect much better performance. More on that soon.


믿고 기다리는수 밖에 없겠다.